An ode to doctors

Sometimes they nag us. Sometimes they hurt us. Sometimes, despite their best efforts, they can’t fix what ails us.

It’s the fashionable thing nowadays to bash doctors, but today, on National Doctors’ Day, it seems an appropriate occasion to recognize them for their skills, their dedication and their importance to their communities.

You didn’t know there’s a day set aside just for doctors? The day was first observed in as a local celebration in Georgia in 1933 and became a national day in 1990.

In their own words, several doctors tell us why they chose their profession and why it’s rewarding.

Here’s the story of a cardiovascular internist who has been a doctor for 30 years. Here’s a young intern who has chosen to train in emergency medicine in Australia. And here’s a wonderful collection of original stories and poems submitted last year for the Texas Academy of Internal Medicine’s annual student creative writing contest.

One of my favorites is from a Minnesota doctor. His beautiful and thoughtful essay, "Northwoods Elegy," was originally published in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

From the other side of the stethoscope, a mother describes how the right pediatrician helped make an enormous difference in her daughter’s life. A young patient writes about the doctor who is her hero.

When their son needed help, this Michigan family was grateful for the care of a neuro-ophthalmologist. A seriously ill teacher found many reasons to be thankful for the doctors who saved her life.

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