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There are currently more than 2,000 blogs in the Area Voices community, including about 30 that are health-oriented. Many of these are recent additions to the blogosphere and it’s time they were introduced to readers.

I’m going to start with one of the newest local blogs, the Kandiyohi County Drug-Free Communities Coalition. This blog was launched by the coalition to share information about its mission and activities and to educate the community about issues ranging from tobacco use to underage drinking. One of the most recent posts takes a look at FDA action to outlaw the chemicals used for making synthetic marijuana, also known as K2. There’s also an entry about Four Loko, the new high-octane energy drink that is drawing safety scrutiny and has already been banned on several college campuses.

The things kids do at vaccination clinics! Douglas County Public Health shares some cute stories on their new blog, Health Out Loud. The blog is co-authored by three public health educators and promises to be “an online destination to connect with your local public health department.”

I’m impressed by To Be Well, a blog started last month by Dr. Connie Morrison, a surgeon with the Avera Worthington Specialty Clinic in Worthington. It’s thoughtful and informative, featuring entries on topics such as Alzheimer’s disease and the stress-gives-you-stomach-ulcers myth. Dr. Morrison also has added several topic pages and health news RSS feeds, making this blog a resource for readers to visit often.

Fairview Red Wing Medical Center recently started health notes, a blog dedicated to health information that’s relevant and easy for consumers to understand. They’ve tapped their staff’s expertise for producing the entries, giving the reader a diversity of posts on yoga, whooping cough and Halloween costume safety.

Here’s another public health blog: Fargo Cass Public Health. They’re using the blog format to help let the public know about resources such as tobacco prevention education materials and flu vaccination clinics. They’ve also posted some good safety information, such as this entry about passenger vans.

Allen Anderson, a registered dietitian with the Grand Forks (N.D.) Public Health Department, is the blogger behind Grand Forks Nutrition and Health, which takes a look at nutrition, physical activity and health. I especially like the advice he offers about navigating the grocery store and planning “super suppers.”

That’s a sample of some of the health-related blogs to be found at Area Voices. Readers are invited to bookmark them and check back often for new entries.

If you’re thinking about starting a health blog (or any other type of blog, for that matter), what are you waiting for? It takes only a minute to set up a free account with Area Voices. There’s plenty of technical support available from Forum Communications Company, including free weekly webinars that give bloggers a chance to talk directly with the tech support crew. Just do it!

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