The healthtweets of 2010

No surprise – health care reform & meaningful use are the top health stories of 2010.

Presented here in Twitter format: 140 characters or less. (Shameless rip-off of friends’ clever Xmas letter – thx 4 the idea, Dana & Rae!)

Contentious health care reform bill falters, then is revived & passed by Congress & signed by the president. A historic moment.

The official name is a mouthful: the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

We’re talking major overhaul: health insurance mandated for everyone, establishment of insurance exchanges & high-risk pools.

Restrictions eliminated for pre-existing conditions & lifetime caps. In most cases, adult kids can stay on parents’ policy until age 26.

Controversy continues over elements of the law. Efforts to repeal gain momentum when Va. courts strike down insurance mandate. Stay tuned in 2011.

Meaningful use? What’s that? You’d have to be an IT wonk to know. But in brief: regs were issued for effective use of the EMR in patient care.

(P.S. – EMR = electronic medical record. Lengthy health care jargon resistant to tweeting.)

Providers who meet meaningful use objectives can receive bonus $$ from federal govt. Big incentive for docs to adopt EMR. 

Salmonella contamination triggers massive recall of eggs, largest in history. Concerns persist about food safety.

Are we drowning in obesity? First Lady Michelle Obama launches “Let’s Move” campaign. Hot topics: menu labeling, high-fructose corn syrup.

Harsh reminder of infectious disease: Whooping cough upsurge in California; 4,000+ cases reported, at least 9 infants die.

WHO declares H1N1 pandemic is officially over. Will diabetes be the next big thing?

Kids’ medicines recalled. Study finds growing incidence of sports-related concussions. Ick-factor story of the year: resurgence of bedbugs.

Earthquake devastates capital of Haiti. Volunteers, supplies pour in to help injured & homeless.

R we overscreened & overtreated? Debate re necessary care gains traction. Key ?s: What’s the harm? What’s the benefit? Where’s the evidence?

If it’s health, there’s an app – Google, iPhones, online medical records. Social media takes hold in connecting consumers with health info.

What else we talked about in 2010: prescription drug abuse, autism, Alzheimer’s, vitamin D, bullying of gay youths, stress, stress, stress.

Here in MN: Twin Cities nurses vote to strike. Walkout is averted but debate continues re nurse-to-patient ratio.

State’s 1st “medical home” is certified, more to follow. Legislature struggles w. fate of GAMC while clients wait & worry.

Demographics poised for growing pop. of elders. R we ready?

Local news: Bethesda opens sr. wellness center, Rice Hosp. to close radiology school, Dr. Rick Wehseler of ACMC is MN Family Doc of Yr.

From this blog, Happy New Year & a healthy 2011. Tweet this!

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