An invitation to Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds, n. A formal conference in which an expert presents a lecture concerning a clinical issue intended to be educational for the listeners. In some settings, grand rounds may be formal teaching rounds conducted by an expert at the bedside of selected patients. – Mosby’s Medical Dictionary

Each Tuesday the health care blogging community holds Grand Rounds, a weekly collection of the best of the blogosphere. This week’s edition is hosted by the Center for Advancing Health of Washington, D.C., and includes a post that recently appeared in this blog.

Grab yourself a cup of coffee and head over there for a few hours of excellent reading from a diversity of writers/bloggers. And be sure to browse through the CFAH site itself to learn more about the Prepared Patient Forum, the Good Behavior! series, the Health Behavior News Service and other tools and information found on the site.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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