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New entries here will be rather sparse for the next two weeks while the blogger takes a long- overdue break. More frequent posting will resume at Halloween or thereabouts.

Readers are invited in the meantime to check out the archives and browse through some of the older posts. To get you started, here’s a selection of some that have been the most popular over the past three years.

– Readers seem to respond to blogs that are about food. “Deep-fried everything on a stick” was a blockbuster when it was published back in August, just in time for the Minnesota State Fair and its menu of deep-fried cheese curds, candy bars and cookie dough. There’s still hardly a day that goes by when I don’t get at least half a dozen site visits because of this entry.

– Anything to do with pets is popular too. I was a little late in stumbling across a study about the health hazards of sleeping with the family cat or dog (the study came out in January 2011 and I didn’t blog about it until a month later) but the topic was too good to pass up. Here it is: “Sleeping with the dog? Bad human!”

– One of the all-time most read posts on this blog explored the issue of marriage and its impact on health. “Wedding ring = better health?” You be the judge.

– I’m a little surprised at how often people continue to read “When the patient is a no-show.” This post was published in March 2010; well over a year later, it’s still generating site visits. I’ve even received a couple of emails (one of them from Finland) from people who are researching the topic of no-show patients and are looking for sources of more information.

– I had fun writing “That twin thing.” Part psychology, part popular culture and part personal experience, it was one of those posts that just wrote itself. (My twin sister enjoyed it too.)

– Speaking of popular culture, “Reality bites,” another ancient post from two years ago, still turns up quite frequently among my stats. Who knew five minutes of watching “Wipeout” would provide something to blog about?

– And to wrap this up, a couple more posts that have turned into the blog equivalent of frequent fliers: “Farmville, Angry Birds and other online compulsions” and a medical trivia quiz (the answers are posted here).

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