What if health care…?

What if health care… was different?

What if health care… was better? What if it was designed to help patients do their best and clinicians do their best?

I regret that I stumbled too late last week upon a Twitter chat, #whatifhc, that started as an impromptu discussion and quickly morphed into an online flash mob of ideas for health care. It would have been fascinating to see the discussion unfold in real time.

@BrianSMcGowan: What if we learned from the best areas of healthcare to improve the worst areas of healthcare?

@Kaylan Baban: #whatifhc wasn’t political?

@Prometheus100: #whatifhc adopted free market traits, such as allowing customers [to] know how much something costs prior to treatment?

@DanBrostek: #whatifhc could embrace digital so my health record wasn’t the manila folder version of George Costanza’s wallet

@produceconsume: #Whatifhc was focused on health, not just on care?

@MeredithGould: #whatifhc Used a common clear language that would help patients & providers communicate challenges, problems & solutions.

There’s more here and here.

You didn’t have to be an expert to join the discussion, and that’s one of the things that perhaps helped make it so lively. What if health care engaged regular folks more often and sought out their ideas?

In the fast-moving world of Twitter, a tweetchat two weeks ago might as well have taken place in the era of quills and parchment. If it’s not too late, though, here’s what I might have tweeted:

– #whatifhc respected what the patient knows?

– #whatifhc allowed patients to help define what the patient experience should be?

-#whatifhc didn’t cost so darn much?

– #whatifhc policy was developed and tested in the real world?

Readers, what would you like to add?