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This blog is taking an extended break while I concentrate on other priorities. Blogging will resume (hopefully) at some yet-to-be-determined time in the future.

In the meantime, since influenza is in all the headlines right now, here’s a selection of past entries about flu and flu vaccine:

– We all know someone who’s been sick with the flu. But is it really influenza, or is something else? Read more here about Influenza’s identity crisis.

– Remember the H1N1 flu virus? Was it all Much ado about nothing, or was the public health community simply being prudent about a potentially serious disease threat?

– By now, many of us have heard that flu shots aren’t as effective as they could be, and it’s fueling a certain amount of skepticism over the value of annual flu shots. In defense of the flu vaccine explores some of the research on attitudes and beliefs about the flu vaccine.

– Does age have anything to do with how we view influenza? Read about what happened during the H1N1 outbreak when Generation X met the flu.

– Swine flu, avian flu, H1N1… Even when it’s a new type of influenza, the lessons are invariably the same.

– If you didn’t get a flu shot this past fall and plan to do so now, here’s a rundown of the vaccination options that may be available (ask your health provider which one is best for you).

– Finally, we could all do with a gentle reminder about the low-tech but effective practice of washing our hands.

Despite taking a break from blogging, I may not be able to resist posting new entries from time to time. Readers are invited to check for updates.

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